A great place to start when considering a career in banking is understanding the difference between commercial banking and investment banking.

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There is whole new generation of professional journalists, bloggers, and embedded reporters who are covering the latest news and sharing live updates with the rest of the world.

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Key to Success: Companies trust consultants to be assertive in their recommendations, making strong interpersonal communication a key characteristic to develop.

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In looking for opportunities, consider how technology and e-commerce will continue to shape our behaviors as customers and our actions as businesses and policy-makers.

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International economic and social development focuses on providing capital, training, and technical assistance to support economic growth and improve social and personal living standards.

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International education as a bridge that connects different cultures, allowing citizens across the globe to learn more about each other and the world we all live in.

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Strong candidates for these roles will have a background in finance or business, and a deep understanding of foreign economic environments.

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As issues facing government become more complicated, the work of lobbyists takes on increasing importance.

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The ever-growing list of U.S. trade agreements has allowed U.S. entrepreneurs to enter markets in Southeast Asia, Central America, Canada, and beyond.

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International law is a field with a very bright outlook and great potential for the future.

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