About the Chamber of Commerce

The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of business in the Los Angeles region. The Chamber’s mission is to design and advance opportunities and solutions for a thriving regional economy that is inclusive and globally competitive. Founded in 1888, the Chamber is the oldest and largest business association in the region. Its member companies work together to promote a prosperous economy and quality of life in the Los Angeles region. Learn more.

About World Trade Week Southern California

For more than 90 years, World Trade Week (WTW), an initiative of the L.A. Area Chamber, has been the most extensive and unique program of its kind in the country. WTW dedicates itself to educating the public on the importance and benefits of global trade on the local and national economy through a series of educational programs and events.

World trade is celebrated throughout the month of May with more than 30 events hosted by partnering organizations in Southern California that are jump started by the Chamber’s Annual WTW Kickoff Breakfast with more than 800 guests. WTW supports college and high school scholarships, high school student and career counselor workshops, as well as briefings for civic and business leaders interested in benefiting from the global economy. Learn more.

Our Sponsor

Global Trade

The Los Angeles Region Global Trade Sector of California Community Colleges

The Los Angeles Region Global Trade Sector of California Community Colleges is proud to sponsor the World Trade Week Celebration.

The goals of Global Trade are to supply in-demand skills, create relevant career pathways, and get students into open jobs. The world economy is becoming increasingly global, and graduates with global marketing, ecommerce and supply chain management skills will continue to be in demand. As a priority sector of California Community Colleges, we equip the next generation of leaders in international trade through our 19 community colleges in LA County. Educators with a wide range of global expertise are at the helm, giving students relevant, real-world experiences inside and outside the classroom.

With two of the largest ports, and one of the busiest airports in the United States in our own backyard, it is critical now more than ever for Los Angeles, and for California, that we provide students with the knowledge and background necessary to compete for jobs in today’s global ecosystem. However, jobs in the Global Trade sector go far beyond airports and Shipping ports.

It’s not unheard of for California companies to seek out candidates to fill hundreds of thousands of positions in export-oriented jobs and supply chain/logistics occupations in a single year. These companies need individuals who are well versed in subjects of trade financing, eCommerce, customs, and international transportation, and who understand cultural and ethical issues that come up when doing business with suppliers and customers around the world. We prepare students for the opportunities to be part of the global marketplace whether they hope to work for a company, or want to start their own.

Visit The Global Trade website to learn more about our Sector, and visit the California Community Colleges website to find programs that will make you workforce ready.

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