Project Description


Consultants are master problem-solvers whose toolkit of skills is as wide and varied as the fields they work in. As economic and political events change the operating environment for both companies and governments, consultants are increasingly asked to offer solutions to wide ranging and complex problems. A career in consulting offers the opportunity not only to see the world but also to address important strategic, operational, and organizational issues confronting businesses and governments. As companies continue to look beyond the U.S. for market opportunity, there should be greater opportunity for consultants skilled in global strategy, marketing, sales, operations, finance, and services.

If you’re considering a career in consulting, build your portfolio by obtaining a relevant college degree. Look for an internship or summer associate positions to gain experience and expand your network.

Key to Success: Companies trust consultants to be assertive in their recommendations, making strong interpersonal communication a key characteristic to develop. A strong understanding of business and in-depth, specialized knowledge of different areas will give you a competitive advantage and will help provide your clients with the right solutions.

Average Starting Salary: $60,000

Majors: Will depend on the field you consult in but typically firms look for Business and/or Economics majors. The top firms may require an M.B.A.

Professional Profiles

Dwayne Gathers
President and CEO
Gathers Strategies