Project Description

Department of transportation

The Department of Transportation creates national transportation policy and promotes inter-modal transportation. Other responsibilities range from negotiating and implementing international transportation agreements, assuring the fitness and safety of U.S. airlines, enforcing airline consumer protection regulations, issuing regulations to prevent alcohol and illegal drug use in transportation systems, and preparing transportation legislation.

The Department of Transportation is divided into the following administrations, which can provide you with more detailed information about available positions.


Careers in Department of Transportation

Logistics Management Specialist

As a Logistics Management Specialist, you would perform agency-wide logistic support duties. You might assist in developing specific support requirements relating to legacy, command, control, communications, computer and intelligence assets. You would provide advice and assistance on the logistics management and contract administration of acquisition projects; and provide integrated support interface planning expertise for systems engineering.

  • Qualifications: This is not an entry level position and is available to applicants who meet the department’s GS-11 or the GS-12 grade level qualifications. At the GS-11 level you must have at least one year of experience assisting with the logistics management and contract administration of acquisition projects; or you should have assisted in conducting studies to establish logistics requirements for surface/air/C4ISR specifications. Alternatively, you would have completed a Ph.D., or have at least three full years of graduate level education towards such a degree, in a field that is directly related to the position.

Transportation Industry Analyst

As a Transportation Industry Analyst (Maritime Administration) you will conduct risk studies and analysis of both short-term and long-term requirements for various marine craft that involve government assistance. You’ll review charters, contracts for freight shipment and other forms of vessel use. You may analyze data such as the volume of traffic on a route, a projection of tonnage to be carried on the route, and estimates of revenue to be earned, including evaluating anticipated consequences on that segment of the maritime industry.

  • Qualifications: You should have at least one year of specialized experience at the appropriate grade in the federal service. Your experience should demonstrate a high level of knowledge about a wide range of principles, concepts, and methodology of project, financial and economic analysis. You will need a general professional knowledge of finance or risk management to review charters and contracts.