Project Description

Economic and Social Development

International economic and social development focuses on providing capital, training, and technical assistance to support economic growth and improve social and personal living standards. Local and national governments, small businesses, communities, voluntary and self-help groups, and individuals all count on development assistance to help them grow and prosper. The types of assistance provided may include: resource development, production of infrastructure, capital and program lending, micro-intensive development, education, trade workshops, and health and nutrition classes.

Careers in Economic and Social Development

Urban Planner

Urban planners study the impact of land development on local and regional communities, using their strategic insights to help create a sustainable, urban spaces and guide policies to protect the environment. Tasked with finding the best use of space in a city, urban planners are responsible for the social and economic health of a community.

  • Average Annual Salary: $68,000

  • Job Forecast: 6%

Professional Profiles

Richard Dozier
Principal Foreign Trade Specialist
Riverside County Economic Development Agency