Project Description


Education broadens our worldview by serving as the foundation for understanding between countries and individuals around the world. Consider international education as a bridge that connects different cultures, allowing citizens across the globe to learn more about each other and about the history, current events and policies that shape the world we all live in.
A career in international education will lead you to work with students in high schools, colleges, and universities or in other organizations that provide programs, services, and funds. Career opportunities in the field are designed around the group of individuals looking to expand their international education. For high school and college-level students, Education Abroad Counselors and Foreign Student Advisors are two key positions that help facilitate cross-cultural education immersion programs. Many colleges and universities have study-abroad offices, which assist U.S. students with overseas study programs. These schools also provide support to international students studying on campus.

Working with students can be very rewarding and a great international educator will have strong interpersonal skills as well as a solid understanding of foreign educational systems, or U.S. immigration rules and regulations. The average salary for advisors is $36,000.

International education opportunities to work with students:

  • Education Abroad Counselor

  • Foreign Student Advisor

Tip: Volunteer with your school’s international and study abroad offices, and be sure to gain as much international and foreign language experience as you work with students from around the world.

Professional Profiles

Dr. Sarita Jackson
President and CEO
Global Research Institute of International Trade

Amy Grat