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International Entrepreneurship

The last couple of decades have been marked by a wave of start-ups hitting the market. More and more entrepreneurs are deciding to take a break from the 9-to-5 and launch independent businesses. And many of those entrepreneurs are finding that a new set of opporutnities start beyond borders. The ever-growing list of U.S. trade agreements has allowed U.S. entrepreneurs to enter markets in Southeast Asia, Central America, Canada, and beyond. Today more free trade zones are being established, providing economic incentives for entrepreneurs in a variety of businesses.

As an entrepreneur, your opportunities are defined by your imagination and ambition. Whether you choose to start a new business, or to expand an existing business by going international, you will have many options to consider. You may choose manufacturing, import/export, publishing, or telecommunications—to name a few. Given that you may be embarking on this endeavor alone or with a small team, multi-tasking is key as you will probably act simultaneously as an accountant, marketer, salesperson, purchasing agent, and travel planner. As such, a general understanding of finance, accounting, and marketing will be crucial. Research the particular business policies and processes in the countries you’re interested in.

Entrepreneurship is for you if:

  • You like to be in control of your work, your time, and your money

  • You are self-disciplined, determined and motivated

  • You are a risk-taker with a head for business

  • You have a set vision for where you would like to take your business

Professional Profiles

Jonathan Beutler
Director of Public Affairs
Sunrider International