Project Description

Communications/Public Relations

Communications and Public Relations are defined by the dynamic and influential roles they play on an international scale for both corporate and public sectors. There is whole new generation of professional journalists, bloggers, and embedded reporters who are covering the latest news and sharing live updates with the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Public Relations professionals develop communication strategies to build, maintain, and promote the reputation and image of their clients.
Both industries provide exciting career opportunities, which can be especially rewarding for people who are determined, persistent and develop under pressure and tight deadlines.

Keys to Success: strong writing skills; project management; understanding of digital strategy and communications; quick at digesting information and communicating it clearly; interest in current affairs; cool under pressure

Majors: Communications, English, Journalism, Public Relations

Careers in Communications/Public Relations

International Journalist

Travel the world to research and write news stories and articles for local and national press. Whether reporting on political movements, key policy issues, or international causes and crises, journalists keep us informed by shedding light on impactful stories.

  • Average Annual Salary: $57,000

  • Key to Success: Strong writing and interpersonal skills; ability to process information quickly and present it in a clear, unbiased way; interest in current affairs.

Public Relations Specialist

Strategic thinkers, top notch writers, crisis managers. Public Relations Specialists wear a lot of hats as they direct political campaigns, act as a counselor or advisor to top company executives, arrange media interviews, and act as company spokesperson in times of crisis or for major news events.

PR is for you if…: You thrive under pressure. Companies and individuals are constantly exposed to risk and it’s the PR specialist’s job to be able to keep it cool while handling and reacting to these situations.

  • Average Annual Salary: $56,770


Translators and interpretors are key communicators in both private and public sectors. Responsible for clearly communicating the sentiment and meaning of a message from one language to another, whether it is written or verbal, these roles require foreign language proficiency.

  • Average Annual Salary: $44,000

  • Job Forecast: 24%

Professional Profiles

David Ono 
ABC7 Eyewitness News

Armando Azarloza
President, The Axis Agency