Project Description

Trade Policy and Promotion

An interdependent global market where businesses are operating or distributing across several countries can only thrive with the help of professionals dedicated to trade policy and promotion. Government policies directly affect a company’s international business and presence in the market, making business/government relations critical.

If you understand how government works and know how to influence policy to the business sector’s advantage, you will be successful in trade policy and promotion.

As a trade policy and promotion professional, you provide insight and analysis by: promoting trade missions and events, developing and publicizing information on export financing, interacting with foreign government officials and international organizations, identifying qualified agents and distributors, and identifying joint venture partners. Only the companies that develop strategies and implement plans to protect their positions and capitalize on new markets will survive.

Your key to success will be your ability to analyze foreign information that will open the door to new technologies and give your company a competitive advantage. You will need to learn the needs and objectives of your company to promote its international interests. Patience and an eagerness to learn will help you create the right background and experience for a career in trade policy and promotion.